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 HERO Industries (a division of Industrial System Engineering) has developed the solution to something our industry has chalked up to the "cost of doing business."  Did you know a normal Liquid Argon fill can result in losses up to 40% due to flash loss?


The new Argon HERO (Heat Exchange Rate Optimizer) system reduces and can even eliminate Argon loss, while reducing fill time and increasing payload. 

So ask yourself, what could that savings do for your business?

Then ask us what we can do for your company!  We are in the business of saving your business money and making it a safer and more productive place to work.

We have the engineering expertise and experience to help you with any of your industrial systems engineering needs.

Argon HERO



  • Reduces Argon waste by up to 40%

  • Fuller tanks with less loss, filled in less time

  • Savings on gas and a lower carbon footprint due to fewer trips back to refilling station which also equals less labor time wasted in transportation

  • Faster fill times means less down time for employees and better overall service for customers

  • Designed to run with no downtime for maintenance

  • It's a green product that helps reduce your company's carbon footprint

  • Expand the range of coverage due to fuller tanks

  • Integrates with your current system


Construction Plans

System Design

With our decades of experience, we will provide a comprehensive integrated system design that will meet or exceed your expectations of a gas delivery system.



We provide system designs that assure you have the right gas, at the right place, at the right time. We can provide everything from system design to a turnkey installation; including cryogenic or high pressure storage, piping systems and end use equipment.

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 11.17.07

Telemetry Systems

We can provide telemetry systems that will monitor your gas inventories as well as gas flows and we can distribute that information through a wide variety of media. We can also provide control systems that are linked through the telemetry system and allow remote control of valves and other control devices.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 5.38.44 PM.png

Specialty Gases

We understand specialty gases and can provide the distribution systems and control systems to assure the quality that you need in your application.

Laser Cutting


We will assure that your pressure requirements and quality requirements for all laser gases including resonator gases and assist gases will be met.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 5.35.44 PM.png


We will design and can provide installation of medical systems that will be in compliance with all applicable codes.




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Head Office

P.O. Box 1041

Bettendorf, IA 52722

Tel: (563) 723-7662

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